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Helpful item for noise

Postby skylione » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:03 am

When every one carries and uses cell phone every where, cell phone jammer becomes necessary. Why is the cell phone jammers so popular now? There are all kinds of voice and noise in our lives, it keep hurting our ears and ruining our peace. Litel noise may be not an important problem for us, but in some places noise may cause serious result to all of us. We could ask people to shut up if they are talking, but what to do if their cell phones ring? There are so many places that absolute silence is needed. There must a simple and perfect solution for the cell phone noise. The cell phone jammer could meet our request.

What can cell phone jammer do? What is it? The cell phone jammer is a kind of anti cell phone signal devices, it is used to block cell phone signal. When we turn on a cell phone jammer, all cell phones in a certain place could not receive the signal, thus can not work properly. In this way, we could easily solve the problem of cell phone noise in some public places where silence is needed.

Belows are two of our ultimate mobile phone jammers. First is the 120W Waterproof mobile Phone Jammer. It is the most advanced jammer products in the market, which is designed with built-in ALC automatic protection circuit and cooling fan. It can efficiently block the signals of CDMA (869-894MHz), GSM (869-894MHz), DCS (869-894MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz) and PCS (1930-1990MHz). Depending on the signal strengthen in the given area; this jamming range of this high power jammer can reach up to 200m at most. It is the ultimate security assurance that can be applied in all important locations as well as public places. It is the necessity of special locations, such as military areas, prisons and government buildings, as well as gas stations, oil depots, liquefied gas stations and other flammable areas. Besides, it is also appears in hospitals, conference rooms, concert halls, cinemas, schools, library, examination room, etc.

The second one is another ultra advanced cell phone blocker- 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer for 4G WiMax with Omni- directional Antenna. It has the ability of jamming all kinds of cell phone signals. Equipped with an AC adapter, it can work continuously with a total output power of 70W. Besides, its built-in cooling fan enables it to have the good heat dissipation. With Omni-directional Antenna, it can jam the signal from all directions. Its jamming range can reach 1000 meters. But we have to mention that this one can block the 4G WiMax instead of the 4G LTE signal. To make it more convenient to operate, the output power of the mobile phone jammer is adjustable and all the TX frequencies cover downlink only.

Do you have any idea about the cell phone jammers now? Are you looking for a good cell phone jammer? Just come to our website, here many cell phone jammers are waiting for your selection. Actually, we have many other jammers besides of the cell phone jammers, like GPS jammer, wifi jammer, wireless video jammer, audio jammer, UHF and VHF jammer. Our purpose is to solve the problem in our lives easily.
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