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Re: AndEngine - Core-Terminology

Postby edson_hunter » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:12 pm

You should put here something about HandlerUpdate, Runner method or other thing like this. It's very import to future projects of any developer
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Re: AndEngine - Core-Terminology

Postby Atif » Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:25 pm

Hi All,

Just curious Why all games examples has CAMERA_WIDTH = 720 and CAMERA_HEIGHT = 480

Why not CAMERA_WIDTH = 800 which actually the size of many devices.

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Re: AndEngine - Core-Terminology

Postby fstof » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:21 pm

Hi all
I'm just starting out with AndEngine, it looks like a real good game engine.

I just have one issue.

JavaDoc... or at least the lack thereof. Its quite frustrating to have to guess what specific methods and classes do when looking through them inside eclipse.

Is there a plan to get some more javadoc in the source? It would be greatly appreciated.

but great work anyway. I'm looking forward to play around with AE

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Re: AndEngine - Core-Terminology

Postby sumeet21587 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:10 pm

First of all I would like to thank Nicolas to be so kind to open source community. I am a professional game developer but I am new to ANDengine. I am looking into examples but I could not understand anything... I can see code but I don't know why are you passing them those parameters? I tried to pass them other arguments but this is simply guess work.

And I think with this poor documentation it took me ages to develop game. ANDengine is a framework for Android game devs. Imagine JSP or STRUTS without documentation!!! or with examples but without comments.

Dear Nicolas I would humbly advise you to kindly think like a newbie to ANDengine. The examples you gave are by perspective of people who know much about ANDengine like you, but for a newbie it is just piece of code and nothing more than that. Kindly add some more value to it.

I tried to dig up in code but couldn't find any thing understandable. It give me an error message that your file could not be saved... Now I don't know why.. if this remains I could not complete my games. I literally took weeks to get out if you stuck at some place.
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Re: AndEngine - Core-Terminology

Postby vpoliakov » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:44 pm

Can someone explain what does the VertexBufferObjectManager do? Thanks! :)
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