Useful tool for our safety

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Useful tool for our safety

Postby skylione » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:04 am

High technology plays an important role in our lifes now a day. We use many high technology electronic devices every day. At home, in our kitchens, on the way to offices, in our working company, high technology devices help us in many places. Among them are GPS device and GPS jammer. GPS tracking devices get us out of trouble when we are driving. And by tracking our locaions, it could save our lives in some situations. That is why we developed so many GPS devices in our world. But when it locating us, danger comes. A very simple example is tha bad guys could tracking us down by using a small GPS device. All they should do is to put a small GPS electronic item in our cars of even in our cloths. Now how to keep us back to safety from the illegal and dangerous GPS tracking? A GPS jammer could fulfill the job.

The GPS jammer is a kind of electronic product based on anti GPS signal technology. It could issue a stronger signal to cover and hide GPS signal, so all GPS devices could not receive the GPS signal in a certain distance, thus could not work propperly. It could help to protect our privacry. In a sentence, the GPS signal blocker is a kind of device used to prevent GPS tracking equipments from receiving the signal of GPS devices, it can protect you from tracking down by GPS device.

Whant kind of GPS blockers we need? Maybe you could have some ideas from the following new models instroduce. These two models are the latest models that could meet most of our request:S110849 and S165006. The former one is Adjustable Cell Phone/WIFI/GPS Jammer. It can block the signals of GSM (925-960MHz), DCS&PHS (1805-1880MHz), 3G (2100-2170MHz), GPS (1500-1600MHz) and WIFI (2400-2500MHz). Base on the strong jamming capacity, this GPS signal blocker can effectively prevent you from being disturbed by unexpected devices. After fully charged, it can work for 7 days continuously. Due to its professional jamming ability, it is usually applied in special locations, such as security service, military area, conference room, prisons, hospital, courts, cinema, Library, Museum, Household or other places. Please note that the frequency of this device is compatible for European frequency(900/1800MHz).

The latter GPS blocker is a 5-Antenna Portable Signal Jammer for GPS/Cell Phone/ Wi-Fi. This portable signal jammer can block all nearby Wi-Fi networks, GPS devices, and cell phone signals (on the GSM, CDMA, DCS and 3G bands) without interrupting any other electronic devices. It is convenience to carry and use because of the portable size and humanized design. It will keep you out of disturbances at anywhere as long as you take it out of your handbag and turn it on.

There are many GPS jammers, different ones meet different purpose and require. Most high power GPS jammers are desktop GPS jammers, they could work in a long distance, could block wider GPS frequencies range. And we also have many portable GPS jammers that could be carried any where. Moreover, we have multi functions jammers that could combine GPS jammers to other jammers like cell phone jammers, wifi jammers, UHF jammers, radio jammers, wireless video jammers and so on. When you feel being tracked down, when you need to protect your family from illegal tracking, when you want to keep your locations in safe, just come to us to select a GPS jammer.
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