Rocket Racer

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Rocket Racer

Postby skyuzo » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:17 am

Hey everyone,

I just released my first Android game. It's a racing game. Check it out on the market:


Try to beat my best times! Please rate and review. Thanks.
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Re: Rocket Racer

Postby crinkledink » Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:45 am

hey so i had a chance to check out your game and so far i really like it. i wrote a detailed reply but IE crashed when i hit submit so i'll try my best to recall everything that i came across

The art is really well done, the art and textures reminds me of SNES graphics, like bomberman or Legend of Zelda-ish, theres a minor texture leak with the rocket that is kind of noticable on my tablet, the edges of the textures are exposed, so i would recommend placing a pixel or two of space between your textures.

The gameplay is relatively simple and straight forward and perhaps a little too simple? perhaps you would be able to give the player an incentive to collect the stars and perhaps include some things to make the game a little more interactive and immersive such that the player would have multiple things to look out for

additionally i think the menu has a minor touch issue, i have to touch the area above the time attack button, earth button and level buttons in order to activate the events, the actual button and touch area dont seem to match? would you happen to be using on touch area on the sprite(button)?

overall i think this game is good but has some room for clean up, maybe have levels be unlockable rather than come all unlocked by default?

keep it up, it looks promising
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Re: Rocket Racer

Postby akbrant » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:59 am

Way to go SKYUZO. I check it out on my G-tablet and Samsung galaxy I phone. Both worked fine with out force closes. I think some simple sounds and background sound would add a lot. Also Thanks for your help on andengine it was a big help to me.
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