Anyone experience physics locking up after body removal?

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Anyone experience physics locking up after body removal?

Postby OzLark » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:30 am

I've been using box2d with AE for some time now - I understand the flow control of the update thread, but it seems that if I delete bodies it will often hang on the next collision. I'm using GLES2.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing the deletion in a safe manner (though the evidence would suggest not :) )...

This is how I'm doing my deletion:

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  1. final Sprite sprite = spriteToBeDeleted;
  2. mEngine.runOnUpdateThread(new Runnable() {
  3.         @Override                                        
  4.         public void run() {                              
  5.                 deleteSprite(sprite);                        
  6.         }                                                
  7. });
  9. private void deleteSprite(Sprite s) {            
  10.         if (s != null) {                            
  11.                 UserData ud = (UserData) s.getUserData();
  12.                 deleteObjectByBody(s, ud.body);            
  13.         }                                            
  14. }
  16. private void deleteObjectByBody(final Sprite s, final Body b) {                                              
  17.         if (b != null && s != null) {
  18.                 final PhysicsConnector pc = mPhysicsWorld.getPhysicsConnectorManager().findPhysicsConnectorByShape(s);
  19.                 if (pc != null) {
  20.                         mPhysicsWorld.unregisterPhysicsConnector(pc);
  21.                 }
  23.                 b.setActive(false);
  24.                 mPhysicsWorld.destroyBody(b);
  25.                 s.detachSelf();
  26.         }
  27. }
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On the next collision this will sometimes cause the game to hang hard (back button doesn't even respond). I've ruled out it being caused by a collision handler by removing having none registered.

So I've resorted to just setting my bodies to inactive instead of deleting them and hope they get cleaned up when I dispose the physical world.

Any ideas?
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