Where's the jar?

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Where's the jar?

Postby chrizmaster » Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:06 pm


I am feeling really stupid but trust me I spend on full hour of searching this and the project site to find a download button for the packed jar file.

It seems like there is no download for this right? I've downloaded the sources, but there are not examples included. Also I've tried to download the jar from your wiki but the link points to a location where no file exists(404).

So call me a dumb idiot, but please gimme a clue where I have to search for a download :)
Thanks mate
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Re: Where's the jar?

Postby moppelg » Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:26 pm


take a look in the tutoial section. One of the first post there contains a downloadlink:)
If you follow the link yyou can also reach a fdp side with the extensions and *.so libs for boy2#

Best regars

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