Performance and Menus

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Performance and Menus

Postby thegavster » Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:45 pm

Not sure this is the right toipc area. But here goes.

I was was browsing the android developers website and came accross this video ... i-0rdzkisc . The guy here meantioned maximum performance in his game (bonsai blast). In particular he meantions slowing down the frame rate on menus that have simple animation. And also meantions turning off the constant "re-painting" of the game when on a static page like a menu. All this is with the intention of reducing strain on the processor and hence prolong precious battery life.

I just wondered what andengine can do along lines with this? I dont really know enough about programming in java and also about andengine to answer this myself. So thought id post here. So what does andengine do save on processor usage (ie does the menu class use any off the techniques meantioned above), or is it all down to the programmer in maintaining it themselves.

Kind Regards,

ps- this may be a really silly question so just go ahead and ignore it :lol:
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