Home screen & Widgets

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Home screen & Widgets

Postby Karl5522 » Wed May 25, 2011 5:16 pm

Hi all, not been here for a while. But I have a simple question i can't find answered anywhere.

Whilst taking a short(very short) break from game development, i've been looking at the Home example in the android SDK.

I thought it'd be a cool little project to do for say a week or so... but i can't find any info on how i'd go about adding widgets to it(one's already installed on the phone). The example Home app, gives you a basic launcher, with wallpaper(not live) and an app list(along with recently used).
By the end of the project, all i want is to have a small custom Frontend to my phone which can handle widgets and maybe a couple of different screens.

Are there any resources or super brainiacs who know how to get widgets into this app?

Thanks alot, i know this is related to andengine at all, but i've ran out of googlin.

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