Android Market Developer account

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Android Market Developer account

Postby reittes » Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:48 am

Hi, i've recently started developing some games and apps. Games of course using one and only AndEngine :P. I was thinking of publishing completed ones as free/paid apps. But I can't get google checkout merchant where I live. and I don't have international credit card as well. Our government has strict policy on international credits, have to go through several process to get a card, what a drag.
Anyways, my friend from USA said he'd do it for me. But is it possible? I mean developer account on my name with his checkout and card. Can he remove his card details once my market account is created? and will I be able to receive payments on google checkout without the card. If its possible, I could apply for an international card and get my payments from checkout when i need it.
If someone could give me some information on this, i'd be grateful.
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