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Postby greatergoodguy » Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:30 am

Hey everyone. Like you guys, I am trying to learn network programming by looking at the Pong Example. I pulled the latest code, both the multiplayer extension and the andengine.

However, I'm getting many errors and instability in the Pong Example. There are two bugs that I found.

When you exit the PongGameActivity, the onDestroy method is executed. This causes a runtime exception. This may be minor but I'd like to handle ending the server correctly. As you can see, the failure point is sandwiched between my comments in the code.
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  1.         @Override
  2.         protected void onDestroy() {
  3.                 if(this.mServer != null) {
  4.                         try {
  5.                                 this.mServer.sendBroadcastServerMessage(new ConnectionCloseServerMessage());
  6.                         } catch (final IOException e) {
  7.                                 Debug.e(e);
  8.                         }
  9.                         this.mServer.terminate();
  10.                 }
  12.                 // BUG OCCURS HERE
  13.                 if(this.mServerConnector != null) {
  14.                         this.mServerConnector.terminate();
  15.                 }
  16.                 // BUG IS ABOVE
  18.                 super.onDestroy();
  19.         }
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And here is the error message.

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  1. 06-20 20:26:28.970: E/AndEngine(20161): java.net.SocketException: Socket closed
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The next error is much more alarming since it happens during game play and is causing instability. The bug is this. After I connect both devices (Galaxy tab 10.1 is the server, Samsung smartphone is the client), the game will just crash and I will get this error.

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  1. 06-20 20:23:56.646: E/AndEngine(16311): java.net.SocketException: Bad file number
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I discovered AndEngine in April and have been loving it ever since. However, I really want to get Multiplayer working. For those that are more veteran to the engine, do you have any tips? Or is there an older version of AndEngine or the Multiplayer Extension that works with high stability?
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