Multiplayer example issues

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Multiplayer example issues

Postby Wacky444 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:06 pm

Hello there,

I have been messing around with andengine examples, i have downloaded the last version of andengine branch GLES2, exported it and tested it with 2 devices.

The first multiplayer example i tested, was the one that makes faces appear when you touch, but when i connected both devices, no faces appeared in phones.

The other one, the pong example, worked better, but i had to click connect fast or the example would close if the ball reaches the other side. Also, when both players are playing, it closes randomly, from 15 seconds to 50, maybe due to wifi packet loss(I was testing it using a third device as ad hoc).

I would like to use the andengine multiplayer extension, and i would like to know the limits of this extension and how much would i have to work on it to have it functional.
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