GLES2 vs GLES1 overral performance decreased

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GLES2 vs GLES1 overral performance decreased

Postby asktomsk » Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:43 am

Have converted my project to GLES2 (yes it was fkng hard).
Gles1 fps ~ 55
Gles2 fps ~ 40

Time between activities and scenes switching increased at least twice.

Is it OK?
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Re: GLES2 vs GLES1 overral performance decreased

Postby bhecox65 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:20 am

I am noticing a slight decrease in performance in my game as well. All I did was fix the code for GLES2.0.
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Re: GLES2 vs GLES1 overral performance decreased

Postby nazgee » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:11 pm

I have noticed HUMONGOUS degrade in partcles system on my HTC desire. Is there any particular for such a degrade?
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Re: GLES2 vs GLES1 overral performance decreased

Postby AjaxLexer » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:45 pm

I also experienced this drop in frame-rate. I'm using a Desire HD and had the same drop as asktomsk.

I've narrowed it down to the colour modifier for particles:

particleSystem.addParticleModifier(new ColorModifier<Sprite>(0.3f, 0.4f, 0.3f, 0.2f, 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f, 5.5f));

The simple initialiser seems OK:
particleSystem.addParticleInitializer(new ColorInitializer<Sprite>(0.7f, 0.0f, 1.0f));

Thanks for pointing me towards the particle system!

Oh looks like this problem is fixed in the latest version of AndEngine, where "ColorModifier" is now "ColorParticleModifier". Watch out the constructors for the modifiers have had the variables move around, now the time float numbers go first!
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