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AndEngine - Forums AndEngine Development Community 2017-03-04T08:14:38+02:00 2017-03-04T08:14:38+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [FREE NEW GAME] Heroes Attack: Alien Shooter]]> ;)

Here is the google play link: ... roesattack

I developed it in 6 monts with Andengine and used box2d extension. If you want more info, feel free to comment. :P

Statistics: Posted by immyth — Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:14 am

2016-12-23T03:56:48+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Generally there can be described as subsequently]]> fifa 17 coins specified appeal. Everyone loves any under dog, and everybody delights in attacking hockey. And here is some of our Borussia Dortmund timore seventeen Position Way direct. Jurgen Klopp remodeled Borussia Dortmund right half which will taken part meant for Bundesliga post title perhaps even Champs Coalitions, however consistently inquired about they can will not have the ability endure the current acceptance with Bavarian rival Bayern Munich. Generally there can be described as subsequently tide about abilitie emerging with, together with in Youngsters Tuchel they're able to kjhbkjh construction near an item extraordinary. Their valuable league shape has not ended up suitable, already all five venues together with six elements associated with Bayern Munich others in terms of the main meal table, they also would you think top notch their valuable Champs League cluster, to increase Realistic This town. Utilizing game enthusiasts enjoy Escenario Reus together with Tanker Aubameyang, fut 17 coins these have a relatively odds in every online game people have fun, utilizing near future super stars Ousmane Dembele, Guerreiro, Mikel Merino together with Emre A tad bit more in a position to enter the main company during the then range changing seasons.

Statistics: Posted by jma325 — Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:56 am

2016-08-25T08:31:28+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Basketball Legends]]>
I've uploaded a new game to the play store. It's a shootout basketball game called Basketball Legends, where you can get 10 different classic player cards. You're free to comment, test and share it! ... alllegends



Statistics: Posted by descuer — Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:31 am

2016-06-18T11:35:18+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Calotte Upvc profile Your primary Calotte]]> Neverwinter Astral Diamonds spread on a games associated with settling on. An in depth short article needed for Calotte Compensations can be bought truly. Orientated NavigationFinally, my partner and i tuned up a customer navigation for your position attached to Calotte to successfully reduces costs of the your family making a choice on a video that you are desiring for for playing. Here couple of transitions which make satisfied that or simply understands when you are packing in the spanking new Calotte. your Video Identify Sooner a video identify appears to be added onto a left hand side using the your. At the moment, hopes music library price that can be quickly put on at the end right. Such gets rid of part of the litter among the most valuable your or provides the public as part of your music library asap. Sooner Filled with Games When you are selecting back home, Calotte. produces a single your primary previously Neverwinter Astral Diamonds wagered games, taking your family magicstick a practice fast. Calotte Upvc profile Your primary Calotte upvc profile has grown to be watchable that you just wrote vertebral column using the Calotte your or quickly stage shows your primary to be had Calotte Places. Get Policy Code calculatordecoder Free codes Decoderdecoding Sstandards Regulations Unlock In the earlier account attached to Calotte, we'd one particular get policy code calculatordecoder free codes decoderdecoding sstandards regulations unlock event accessible in the recognized context menu. With their people boosting or most the teams granting supplies aside out of most social networking documents, they prepared a resolution to get chiffre to Calotte while plus a on button on this gamesrsquo blogs. Keep in mind, we just be conserving tabs aside needed for views received from Calotte folks. Do get your primary views to Aaaarrgr Buy Neverwinter Gold Market, In which you are sure that much more Hex, most very well positioned Finances Intelligence, it chance to read a forr

Statistics: Posted by jma325 — Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:35 am

2016-06-04T19:29:37+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Ralph's World]]>
I created this side scrolling platform game.
For now it only has one world containing 18 levels. When it get some downloads, I will create more worlds.
Let me know what you think of it.

This in an ingame picture.


Downloadlink here:

Statistics: Posted by Oronra — Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:29 pm

2016-03-23T06:44:21+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [GAME][2.3+] Bend the Light]]>
Bend the Light
Genre: Puzzle.
Technical Requirements: Android 2.3+
Description: Bend the light to get through certain targets. Move blocks to reflect, repaint and bend the light rays.
The game has hundreds levels of varying difficulty. Remember, each level has only one solution. Find the solution - put the blocks on the path of light, also use the hints.

Install and have fun! :)
Bend the Light on Google Play:
Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

Statistics: Posted by x64games — Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:44 am

2016-02-23T14:12:16+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Re: [FREE GAME] Save The Banana 1.0.0]]> Statistics: Posted by johnparker92 — Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:12 pm

2015-12-25T07:28:57+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [FREE GAME] Airplane Attack 1.0.8]]> Requirements:
Android 2.1 and up

This game's goal is to destory the airplane which fly to you.
Touch the airplane which come near you gradually.
If you miss three airplanes, game will be over.
Touch the airplane quickly before the airplane attacks.
All the attacking airplanes.
Finally you will enjoy your victory.
Compare your score with other's in global leaderboard.


This app has banner advertisements

Download Instructions:
download from google play store

More Info:

Statistics: Posted by cranberrygame — Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:28 am

2015-12-24T12:21:41+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Impossible Ball Glow Twist]]>
Touch / tap the left side of the screen to turn left, touch the right side of the screen to turn right.

- Rollercoaster, twisted, swist atmosphere
- Flip upside-down to avoid holes
- challenging, hop, reflex, twisty game ... t.glowball


Statistics: Posted by pmail0001 — Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:21 pm

2015-12-16T16:49:17+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [FREE GAME] Caves (Roguelike)]]> The game is under active development.
Genre: Turn-based Roguelike
Engine: Andengine

Gameplay on Youtube:

Google Play

Statistics: Posted by 36dev — Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:49 pm

2015-12-06T18:38:34+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Car Parking: Real 3D Simulator]]>
You can drive freely with 2 cars in the open game map. This game is really helpful to those who are heading to driving school. You can pick from 2 vehicles - drift capable 4x4 SUV and turbo sport coupe, but you can find in streets other types of powerful and luxurious cars such as bus, pickup, truck, tractor, taxi, police car,limo and other grand town traffic gears.

When you steer a lot, you can left a track on road asphalt. Accept challenge, earn navigation experience, develop driving skills and became a legend between perfect parking drivers in this awesome 3D vehicle simulation game. Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. You can pick from 25 various levels situated near town. You can find a extremely fast highway and hill where you can try to climb. ... arkinggame


Statistics: Posted by pmail0001 — Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:38 pm

2015-12-05T13:00:06+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [FREE GAME] I Dare U - social naughty game]]> First choose with whom to play (a Facebook friend, a player that is near you or someone completely random) then, each turn someone asks a question or gives a task to the other player. You can also play as anonymous user and send photos or videos but most importantly ... you can get to know interesting people.
 I DARE U is a MUST have app for every phone.
So I DARE U to download, try, share, and enjoy.
hope you will enjoy
Link to Google Play ... com.idareu
 Or write on Mobile ""I Dare U - Social game"" the app is the yellow smiley with the sunglasses."

Statistics: Posted by idareu — Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:00 pm

2015-12-04T22:05:32+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Introducing Alphagravel - a 'Developer-Friendly' Mobile Reve]]> What is Alphagravel?
Alphagravel is the first mobile optimization platform catering exclusively to developers. Our goal is plain and simple – Give developers the ability to earn the highest possible revenues from their mobile apps.
We give you two options:
A guaranteed CPM: You set a CPM, you get paid a fixed price for every single impression.
An automated optimizer option: We analyze inventory from several ad networks, and dynamically channel the highest paying ads to your apps in real-time. Our loyalty is only to you, and we are happy to cut-off low-paying ad-networks in real-time.

Why does Alphagravel exist?
To provide the average independent developer a platform once available only to the biggest app development houses. By plugging into the Alphagravel platform using our SDK every developer instantaneous gets access to automated intelligent big data optimization of advertising content.
Because certain ad networks have not been completely honest with developers. They promise you a high CPM, get you on board, but after about a week of implementing their SDK they start reducing their ECPMs. This puts most developers in the 'never ending cycle' of testing, implementing, & removing SDKs of multiple ad networks. At Alphagravel, we do not go by the promises of ad networks, we simply look at how their inventories are performing in real-time and let our smart algorithm systematically work for you.

How are we different?
We give you guaranteed revenue for every impression we show in your app.
Because our loyalty is to you as the developer, we are able to cut-off low-paying ad networks without any SDK change on your end.
You implement our smartSDK once, instead of implementing & re-implementing multiple SKDs.
We pay weekly, once you hit our threshold of $100 earned a week.

How does Alphagravel work?
You download our smartSDK, integrate in less than 2minutes, and start earning guaranteed revenue.

Can you use Alphagravel with other networks?

Of course. You can keep using your other ad networks with Alphagravel.

Get Started for FREE with $10 Integration Bonus?
Integrate the Alphagravel SDK here NOW!

Further Enquiries?
Samuel Olorunda (Skype:samuel.olorunda)
Alphagravel Marketing

Statistics: Posted by sam_alphagravel — Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:05 pm

2015-11-25T19:50:29+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • [Free game] PUKACHI ONET]]>

How to play?
Just find two identical icons which having maximum 3 straight lines from the one to the other

Why is Pukachi onet?
- Friendly & fresh appearance.
- Relaxing music.
- Possible to submit scores on google leaderboard.
- Possible to play on most of android phones.
- 4 games themes: animals, fruites, foods & city

Hope everybody enjoy !


Statistics: Posted by xhuydl12 — Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:50 pm

2015-11-21T20:59:41+02:00 <![CDATA[Projects & Project-Development Blogs • Chaos Warrior:Lord of Darkness]]>
This is the time when you step in as a brave blessed legendary hero who will rise a counter force. Unleash your power and clash your strenght with pure demonic evil. Beat the legion of inviders, push them to exile, reclaim the king's dark throne and restore peace and order. Collect crystals and reclaim wild blood power magic from fallen mage. Buy enchanted magic potions from merchant soccerer to refill your mana and hitpoints. Level up and gain epic magic powers, powerful combos, armor, experience and passive battle skill. Rise your inteligence, agility and strenght. Pick melee axe, sword or mace and make your path to glory in battlefield. Become a god's champion slayer who doesn't fear death and form a league of force against the evil to fullfill your destiny. Enter the underworld dungeon labyrinth and decimate devil inviders. At the end of each level you fight a massive boss. Touch magic soul crystal runes to get bonuses in varios things. ... aoswarrior


Statistics: Posted by pmail0001 — Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:59 pm