New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System]

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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby Coder_For_Life22 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:23 am

Nice work your doing here @IFL. Awesome. I could definitely make use of the state based AI in my current game and future games.

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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby kbarresi » Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:43 pm

I second that AI request. That'd be a very interesting read! I'm working on implementing an AI system myself, I'll post it when I'm done :)

Also, that mesh animation is awesome! I'll probably have some questions about it somewhere down the line, but I can definitely see a use for this in my project...
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby Niffy » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:13 pm

Not had time to look at anything, but again big thanks to IFL, big contribution, I mean MASSIVE contribution!
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby Ungaze » Wed May 22, 2013 4:03 am

Everything looks useful(specially mesh animation of course), but this one seems a bit interesting:
Proxy-entity scenes
- scenes with thousands of similar entities
- *extremely* fast (57 fps on S3 with 25k entites), but has a steep learning curve

Could explain a little more about it and the status of the feature. TIA. ;)
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby IFL » Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:49 pm

Hey everyone :!:

I haven't been on the forums much lately, and haven't done much with AndEngine in quite a while. Some great opportunities came up shortly after I made this thread so I've been working too much to really devote much time to it. That said, I'm probably not going to be able to release all of the features that I first posted. I'll try to explain them so that you can create them yourself. I also might be able to offer some snippets of code if you need it, but most of the features aren't production ready in their current state.

Lasso-selection of entities
This one is kind of a weak feature, and I can't foresee many needing it so I'll explain it at a later time if someone lets me know that they're interested. ;)

Scripting via JavaScript
Same as above.

Scrollable, rectangular inner-scenes
Uses an openGL-clipped scene with native Android gestures for scrolling and flicking. It's tricky to get it to work properly with touching child-entities, but it is doable and quite handy.

NPC dialog-tree framework
This one is in a similar boat as the first two. It's just a specific structure of customizable classes that uses callbacks when the user answers prompts.

:star: Proxy-entity scenes :star:
This seems to be a big one to a lot of you. Basically, I created a quad-tree enabled scene that culls entity-placeholders based on quad-tree queries. Every entity is held in object pools, and the pools give the entities to the placeholders, which then apply translation/properties so that each placeholder can be unique. The scene also has a hierarchy of spritegroups to improve rendering performance, and each placeholder has a property that determines if it will be allowed to update when it is culled. I think I covered everything here, but it's a really complex system. If anyone has any questions about it, let me know. Getting all of the pieces to play well together took a couple of weeks and several rewrites... I got regular and animated sprites working with it, but I didn't tackle textured meshes because that just seemed impossibly difficult. Oh, I also made the pooled entities share a common touch controller. Again, ask questions if you want to know more.

State-based AI system
Uses a global hashmap-library (string, object) of variables to allow NPCs to make decisions based on one or more boolean statements. It's pretty simple once you get the framework down, but it should include classes for boolean-queries, multi-variables, and world conditions. As a plus, it helps to store the results of queries shared between NPCs when able. That way, only one query is done regardless of how many NPCs need to use that same query. If you look at the Valve Publications webpage, their system is discussed in "Rule Databases for Contextual Dialog and Game Logic". My AI system is based on the one that they discuss in that presentation.

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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby valka » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:53 pm

Thank you very much sir !
i'm working on integrating box2D boxes as bones.
any tips or general direction are appreciated :)
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby valka » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:16 am


looks nice with box2d :)
did some classes that pretty easily connect bones to box2d boxes,
also extended PhysicsConnector to make it work with the bones.

I'm suffering because of gl_triangles draw mode...
someone have a direction of how to implement gt_stips for these classes ?

Thanks :)
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby nazgee » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:16 pm

Well done valka! Looks really useful :)
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby valka » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:05 am

Thanks !
I'm planning to release my game next month,
As a thanks to the comunity i'll post here these libs :)
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Re: New features [Update: Mesh Animation & Mercantile System

Postby vasanthnagarajan » Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:40 pm

I just tested mesh animation, and I must say I am so impressed that I seriously consider rethinking my current project! Thanks so much!

Hello Sir,
I read your post on IFLs mesh animation that it worked for you... I am tryin to implement ground in my game using realMayos tutorial. But since I am using Anchor centre, textureploygon is not i tried to use IFLs mesh animation....I am a beginner and can u help me implement code is below....can u let me know the modification needed
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Using java Syntax Highlighting
  1. final Vector2[] myCoordinates = { new Vector2(100, 200),
  2.                                 new Vector2(400, 200), new Vector2(250, 350),
  3.                                 new Vector2(225, 300), new Vector2(100, 350) };
  7.                 ChainShape myChain = new ChainShape();
  8.                 Vector2[] myV2 = new Vector2[myCoordinates.length];
  9.                 for (int i = 0; i < myCoordinates.length; i++) {
  10.                         myV2[i] = new Vector2(myCoordinates[i].x
  11.                                         / PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT,
  12.                                         myCoordinates[i].y
  13.                                                         / PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT);
  14.                 }
  15.                 myChain.createChain(myV2);
  17.                 FixtureDef mFixtureDef = new FixtureDef();
  18.                 Body mChainBody;
  19.                 BodyDef mBodyDef = new BodyDef();
  20.                 mBodyDef.type = BodyType.KinematicBody;
  21.                 mChainBody = physicsWorld.createBody(mBodyDef);
  22.                 mFixtureDef.shape = myChain;
  23.                 mChainBody.createFixture(mFixtureDef);
  24.                 myChain.dispose();
  26.                 // ATLAS
  27.                 float[] vertexX1 = new float[myV2.length];
  28.                 float[] vertexY1 = new float[myV2.length];
  29.                 for (int i = 0; i < myV2.length; i++) {
  30.                         vertexX1[i] = myV2[i].x
  31.                                         * PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT;
  32.                         vertexY1[i] = myV2[i].y
  33.                                         * PhysicsConstants.PIXEL_TO_METER_RATIO_DEFAULT;
  34.                 }
  37.                 final TexturedPolygon myGroundImage = new TexturedPolygon(0, 0, vertexX1, vertexY1, resourcesManager.grass_region, vbom);
  38.         mScene.attachChild(myGroundImage)
  39.         **/
  40.                 mScene.attachChild(myGroundImage);
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