[feature] ETC1 spritesheets from texture packer

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[feature] ETC1 spritesheets from texture packer

Postby nazgee » Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:40 am

This only concerns people that are using TexturePacker in theirs projects.

Andreas Löw added a feature to TP which I requested- it is now possible to export .pkm (ETC1) spritesheets from TP. This format does not support alpha, but I still find if very useful for fully-bled backgrounds, or for sprites that are using additive blending (transparency is not used).

This is my pull request towards Nicolas, that adds support for this feature in AE code:

Nicolas have not pulled it yet (he's quite lazy recently) to AE, but it is already merged in AndEngineTexturePackerExtension (if you're using GLES1)
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