checkInside for sprites

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checkInside for sprites

Postby NightJumper » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:30 pm

So couldn't find this anywhere and I can think of a lot of different places to use something like this in a variety of games so figured Id post this and see if anyone else can use it.

What it does is checks to see if the sprite is entirely over top of a different different sprite, this is good for trying to make a sprite reach a certain spot (which is what I needed in my game. So heres the code, I pretty much took the check in the checkCollision method in ShapeCollisionChecker where it checks if the top left vertice is inside and then applied it to all vertices:

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  1.     public boolean checkInside(Sprite objA){
  2.         float[] VerticesA= new float[8];
  3.         float[] VerticesB= new float[8];
  4.         RectangularShapeCollisionChecker.fillVertices(this, VerticesA);
  5.         RectangularShapeCollisionChecker.fillVertices(objA, VerticesB);
  6.         if(ShapeCollisionChecker.checkContains(VerticesB, 8, VerticesA[0], VerticesA[0 + VERTEX_INDEX_Y])&&
  7.            ShapeCollisionChecker.checkContains(VerticesB, 8, VerticesA[2], VerticesA[2 + VERTEX_INDEX_Y])&&
  8.            ShapeCollisionChecker.checkContains(VerticesB, 8, VerticesA[4], VerticesA[4 + VERTEX_INDEX_Y])&&
  9.            ShapeCollisionChecker.checkContains(VerticesB, 8, VerticesA[6], VerticesA[6 + VERTEX_INDEX_Y])) {
  10.             return true;
  11.         } else {
  12.             return false;
  13.         }
  14.     }
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Currently only works for rectangular shapes but thats all I required and not sure how to do it for circles
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