text is not showing all characters

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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby cschua » Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:26 pm

even if you use the maximum size of font, text are still sometimes missing (less frequent, but still happens). it's really random so it's hard to determine the issue. how can the letter "a" be missing and not the letter "A" if the size of font is the issue here?
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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby trostik » Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:02 am

I had a similar problem with numbers not with chars. Found a problem to be in my value.
Some pseudo code
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  1. changableText.setText(String.valueOf(intValue)); //this one got me only the first letter
  2. //i have changed it to
  3. cangableText.setText(Math.round(String.valueOf(floatValue))); // this one worked like a charm
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On top of that im using custom font from DaFont.

Hope it helps.

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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby whalabi » Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:28 am

Hiya, pretty sure I know the cause and fix of this issue (even though it's an old thread.) Someone touched on it before.

Your font texture needs to be big enough to fit all the characters required.

For example, in the code below, if the texture size is 256x256, it's too small for the font size (48) so characters will be missing. if the font size is 32, it's fine. But to accomodate the bigger font characters, I had to up the texture size.

Hope that helps

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  1. dialogMenuFontTexture = new Texture(512, 512, TextureOptions.BILINEAR_PREMULTIPLYALPHA);
  2. dialogMenuFont = new Font(dialogMenuFontTexture, Typeface.create(Typeface.DEFAULT, Typeface.BOLD), 48, true, Color.WHITE);
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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby crinkledink » Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:11 pm

Make Sure the Texture in which the font is loaded with appropriate size

some characters are missing because they didnt loadon the texture sheet properly, silly me

i tried loading size 50 font on a 256x256, i changed it to 512x1024 and voalia, took me a few hours but i grinded it out, not sure if anyone else had this issue


do we have an answer to this?

there's something really funny going on, this has got to be a joke, i stumbled on something that's got to be a bug.

im running the changeable text and this is the check statement im using to see what texts are to be loaded next into the changeable text.

if i run only 1 if statement as in the sample code below, the commend BI-WInning will appear normally, however when I take out the comments, half the characters will be missing from "bi winning", ive been stuck here for the past 3 hours, im fed up with this. ive tried everything, runningonupdatethread, uithread, and most importantly


when i separate the if checks into other methods, same thing occurs, i dont understand why. anyhow im moving on and getting back to this .... hopefully

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  1.         if (gPillComboCounter>=10) {
  2.                                                 SpriteSheet.pointsText[scoreCounter] = String.format("   BI-WINNING! + %d",SpriteSheet.pointsNumber[scoreCounter]);
  3.                                         }/*else if (gPillComboCounter%5==0) {
  4.                                                 SpriteSheet.pointsText[scoreCounter] = String.format("  SPACE CADET! + %d",SpriteSheet.pointsNumber[scoreCounter]);
  5.                                         }else if (gPillComboCounter%3==0) {
  6.                                                 SpriteSheet.pointsText[scoreCounter] = String.format("     HOOKED! +%d   ",SpriteSheet.pointsNumber[scoreCounter]);
  7.                                         }*/
  9.                                         ((ChangeableText) SpriteSheet.displayScoreText[scoreCounter]).setText(SpriteSheet.pointsText[scoreCounter]);
  10.                                         ((ChangeableText) SpriteSheet.displayScoreText2[scoreCounter]).setText(SpriteSheet.pointsText[scoreCounter]);
  12.                                         BackgroundModifiers.comboSuperPillFloatModifiers(context, SpriteSheet.displayScoreText[scoreCounter]);
  13.                                         BackgroundModifiers.comboSuperPillFloatModifiers(context, SpriteSheet.displayScoreText2[scoreCounter]);
  15.                                         SpriteSheet.displayScoreText[scoreCounter].setVisible(true);
  16.                                         SpriteSheet.displayScoreText2[scoreCounter].setVisible(true);  
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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby Nicolas Gramlich » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:13 pm


Doudou wrote:Thank you very much for this answer.

This leads to the following question: how big should be the Texture used to create a Font? Sorry to be that dump in Open GL.

Thank you for your time and support. Regards,

There isn't really a way to do that yet.
There are lots (!) of characters that could possibly be displayed and therefore the minimum size to show them all would be very big :)

I could throw an Exception if there are too many letters though. :)

Best Regards,
Nicolas Gramlich
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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby MYWIFENOWDAVE1 » Thu May 17, 2012 4:21 pm


I had a similar issue with ChangeableText where the text only showed the first character. I managed to resolve the issue by increasing the size of my initial String from 1 character to 3. i.e. changed it from "0" to "0 ". The spaces were left as I know the text length will increase later in the game...

playerNumOfDaysText = new ChangeableText(playerSpriteForHUD.getX(), playerSpriteForHUD.getY(), mFont, "0 ");

works okay now...

Tried the Texture trick and I'm sure that is also true however I needed the above to fix my issue.
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Re: text is not showing all characters

Postby barbu.victor » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:28 pm

Thanks man. After one hour of frustration, your answer was perfect.
Thanks again :)
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