Spritegroup flickering

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Spritegroup flickering

Postby jaym » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:38 pm

In the current project I'm working on, I am using 4 sprite groups to hold sprites. The functionality of them is a basic attach/detach (these sprite groups hold monsters that you kill).

The bug is apparent after one sprite from the sprite group is detached and the next sprite is attached. The previously detached sprite will flash for a very brief moment then it will disappear again. It's as if when the spritegroup updates, the last sprite that was detached was not entirely removed from the spritegroup until a new sprite is drawn. The problem is similar to this (post19176.html?hilit=spritegroup%20visible#p19176) except the sprite does not stay on the screen after detached, rather just flashes briefly. I have tried the solution posted in that thread but things seem to have changed since GLES1 so I'm not sure what the current workaround is for GLES2.

If anyone can give me some more insight on what the problem is or where it lies it would be appreciated.
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