Spritebatch not anchor center sprites

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Spritebatch not anchor center sprites

Postby felipefcm » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:04 am

Hello! I already posted a question about this in the GLES2 forum, but now I'm certain that this is a bug.

Previous post: gles2/spritebatch-not-anchorcenter-t16165.html

The image shows the same sprite drawn twice.
The centered one is attached to the scene, and the other is added in a Spritebatch using 'draw' method.


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  1. float centerX = SCREEN_CENTER_X;
  2. float centerY = SCREEN_CENTER_Y;
  4. final Sprite sprite = new Sprite(centerX, centerY, m_Region, mEngine.getVertexBufferObjectManager());
  6. m_Batch.draw(sprite);
  7. m_Batch.submit();
  9. m_Scene.attachChild(sprite);
  10. m_Scene.attachChild(m_Batch);
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It becomes pretty clear that the offset is half sprite size, so Spritebatch does not anchor center it's sprites.
As I already mentioned in the other post, the workaround solution would be simple, just subtract from Spritebatch position this offset, but this has other side effects. For example if I wanted to receive touches in those sprites, the touch area would be displaced.

Spritebatch is really a cool feature that uses hardware more wisely and even in my case, where performance is not that critical, is good to know that stuff is being done efficiently.
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