GLES2 Anchor Center problems building extensions and example

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GLES2 Anchor Center problems building extensions and example

Postby spooky130u » Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:28 pm

While trying to build the latest (as of a couple of days ago, so should be current) GLES2 Anchor Center, trying to get the extensions built has been an absolute disaster. Hundreds of errors, then it builds, but anything using that extension gets those very same hundreds of errors. Upgrading Eclipse (Indigo) helped some, in that the errors went away, or at least, seemed to....until I tried to build the examples, which Eclipse still claims has hundreds of errors (errors which look VERY familiar). Then the examples built, but once installed, force closed before the first screen was even displayed. Then I tried rebuilding them, and got the hundreds of errors thing again.

So I gave up, and went to the market to get the latest version of the examples, which is from 2010. Not helpful. :-( It seems that everyone else is having zero problems, while I'm flooded with them. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I have the latest ADT version, the latest Eclipse (Indigo) updates (as of this morning), the latest copies of AndEngine and extensions from the anchor-center github page as of a few days ago, and so it all should be working great...but it isn't.

Is there somewhere where I can download the latest jars and apk for the examples, thus bypassing Eclipse and its imaginary errors so I can go back to everything building cleanly as it all did with plain GLES2?

EDIT: Never mind...I'm going back to regular GLES2 ... again...for good, this time.
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