Cant' change direction!

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Cant' change direction!

Postby xAVx » Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:19 pm


I can't seem to get the PhysicsHandler to change direction...It logs fine in LogCat, just doesn't change the Sprite movement..

public void move() {



// ===========================================================
// Methods
// ===========================================================

private void OutOfScreenY() {
if (mY > MainActivity.CAMERA_HEIGHT) { // OutOfScreenX (right)
Log.d("Changing Direction","Changed");
} else if (mY < 0) { // OutOfScreenX (left)
mY = MainActivity.CAMERA_HEIGHT;

After the sprite moves to the bottom of the screen, i expect the setVelocity to reverse in direction, instead my Sprite just hovers at the bottom of the screen (the edge of it can only be seen).

Is there any reason why this is so or am i doing something wrong??
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