Boas class culprit is the captain? Terry: What nonsense

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Boas class culprit is the captain? Terry: What nonsense

Postby Derek156324 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:29 am

Boas after class, a lot of people to spearhead Terry, that he led the ultimate team leading the locker room to deal with old coach. Terry was very unhappy, made public yesterday refuted. Former Chelsea coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said that Abu must 'ball tyrants' who act, 'Some senior local players to master the right to speak, the boss does not move them, only the coach to leave. ut coins ' Arsenal goalkeeper Wally Disney also said, 'Those who manipulate England Chelsea's dressing room, the same in London, they and we are too different.' For this argument, Terry responded yesterday, 'they say is untrue, this is simply nonsense. Dismissal Boas is the boss and the board decided that we did not win the FIFA 16 game, so Boas was fired executives .. If we responsibly, that we perform well in the field, but things happen and there is no relationship between the locker room, no players to control the locker room. '
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