Arsenal qualify for visa-free night in case of bad news Seas

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Arsenal qualify for visa-free night in case of bad news Seas

Postby Derek156324 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:45 am

August 28 hearing bad news has finally been confirmed. Arsenal out of Besiktas, the cut Champions League group stage of the post-match press conference, Wenger announced this year's top center Giroux reimbursement. The good news is: There is no center, fifa 16 coins gunmen with no front array to overcome soil super giants, but the last round of the Premier League Giroux last minute to tie the FIFA 15 game or remind professors, hands have a center, even if it is the British crown level, also always good. Away to Everton last weekend, Wenger discharge 4141, Sanchez as a pseudo-center. But all of the first half, Arsenal 6 shots from the right wing Chamberlain contribution, no one shot is actually being taffy made two goal lead. 'No front' no effect, Wenger replaced Sanchez in the second half with Giroux, results Frenchman played center role: Ramsey's goal, Giroux has been pulled from outside the area, the defense effort to play the role of involved; the first 90 minutes He also used a header to tie it at 2-2. Giroux is now completely folded in 2014, Wenger how to do? The FIFA 15 game, he will bet on Sanchez a person - Joel Campbell and Podolski no chance. But even play, after the two nor pure center. Campbell and Sanchez characteristics similar job by foot to eat, the former striker on their own, but also to pull to the side; the latter in Barcelona and Arsenal played a pseudo-center. Podolski style of play more tough, but also the sides emerged, but Wenger has left him completely positioned. Polti face enormous competition, transfer rumors wind, Juventus and Wolfsburg are the potential next home. The only potential is Yaya center - Sanogo, but his speed and impact force is not enough, the foot of technology is not detailed enough, experience and ability to coordinate is absent. A group of 'Dwarf' (no derogatory) field Chuanhuahudie moves forward like a mass cut, but the area has always been the lack of role within the final word. Sanchez can break, thanks to Wilshere did not stop to Ozil's pass. Gunners should have advanced more, who knows the second half of consecutive missed scoring opportunities, especially near the door Zhang Bolunneiqie after Tui was saved most unfortunate. If the last minute Besiktas into a mask, would be unjustly? They rely solely on the offensive end, not the champion ultimate team should have style. Faced with tough defense Premiership, Champions League and varied style, rely on 'pseudo-center' If you want the hot topic, too difficult. Therefore, Wenger had to find a center to Giroux substitute. Cavani's too difficult, besides make French people born resentment, veteran center Zigic is a good choice. The height of over two meters tall Serbian center but not clumsy, header is his forte, but also can wall for his ultimate teammates services. Mouth gun enthusiasts Pierce - Morgan tweeted, said: 'Zigic This must be a joke, 'OK??' Indeed, representatives of the British crown last season, playing in Birmingham, Zigic played in 33 FIFA 16 games, has only 7 goals only. But from the transfer window closed only a few days, the choice of really running out, he just contract expires in freelance, free to sign up for future use, not a bad idea. Although we qualify for the Champions League race, but Arsenal's problem is not only the center. Mertesacker and Ozil still in the 'FIFA World Cup syndrome', especially Germany defender, the FIFA 15 game being bullied several times, but for De Bixi and other fill the seats, he is likely to become sinners. Deeper problem is a single defensive midfielder set, Bilic's ultimate team a ball, then toward Flamini, then hit him on the left and right sides. Fortunately, the one limited ability Besiktas, secondly, Cazorla and Wilshere back on defense also hard enough, but slightly stronger opponents hit points, whether Wenger also the play 4141?

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