Jun 08 2010


Nicolas Gramlich @ 18:32
Scaling across various devices…
Box2D Physics Extension
TiledMaps in the TMX format
Lava Lamp Live-Wallpaper

7 Responses to “Showcase”

  1. sawan says:

    Excellent Videos

  2. Kaj Toet says:

    Could you post a featureslist? I figure there are more features than just the ones displayed in these videos..? Would be nice, thanks. Great work also!

  3. NomanNomi says:

    CAn u tell me step by step How can i run ur example on eclipse i will be very thanful to U.

  4. Adrian says:

    Nice videos! Ill be using this engine on my next app.

  5. Apkuk says:

    So, where’s the API-docs?

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