Jun 08 2010


Nicolas Gramlich @ 09:34

AndEngine is developed by:

Nicolas GramlichNicolas Gramlich

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  1. Andy Parry says:


    Your AndEngine looks just like the thing I was hoping to find. But, do you have a list of commands and an explanation of what they do? As in:- http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/animation/Animation.html

    Or do I have to plod my was through the sourcecode.

    Many thanks. Your hard work is appreciated.


  2. Niraj says:

    Thanks Nicolas
    Lots of love and sincere thanks
    you really did a great job


  3. Orlandroid says:

    Just want to thank you Nicolas and the other developers that make all this wonderful code possible. I’m sure I’m gonna have lots of fun coding with AndEngine!!

  4. Ron says:

    Thanks very much. Much appriciated that you’ve spent your time to release this.

  5. Wahinedroid says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    I enjoy the apps you have created! I am having a Froyo-market issue that I hope you can help with. Since upgrading my Droid X to Froyo 2.2, I cannot find a live wallpaper that you created, Bird Live Wallpaper. I purchased it in July, but it is no longer in my list of Android Market downloads. Is there any way I can access it again? It is a perfect live wallpaper. Thank you.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    I’ve been working on a game for about a year now and whilst the game structure is coming along nicely I began to realise it needs some extra candy. Looking at the demos AndEngine looks really great! I’m looking forward to figuring out the library so I can incorporate some cool things like particle systems into my game!

  7. Ron says:

    Please add a page here what you actually support in your engine. I mean are there explosions supported? Somthing like:

    – joins
    – gravity
    – weight
    – fraction

  8. lacasrac says:


    if i make a game with this engine, then i have to pay for it, or not?
    it is comlete free?

  9. Renqi says:

    Hey I’ve been wanting to use this engine to create some games, but I can’t figure out where to get the engine? Do i need to copy paste the files from Google code or is there an easier way to do so? (:


  10. Renqi says:

    Alright I just saw the forums with the getting started tutorials (:

  11. kevin says:

    OK there is probably a simple answer but where can i download andengine. all i can find is examples. please reply at ply a kevinruddy_4@yahoo.com

  12. Ashish says:

    Hi, Nicolas, if i make a game with this engine ,can i sell it through android market?

  13. kevin says:

    well how do i get and engine?

  14. Edward Zhang says:

    Thanks for your hard work .

  15. ddrscott says:

    Thanks for making this product. This is exactly what I was looking for to play with some game concepts, and I’m move than happy with what can be done in ~200 lines of code.

  16. Jens says:

    Thank you very much for your work! Enjoyed it … Keep on going!

  17. Allen says:

    Hi, Nicolas, Thanks very much about this amazing Andengine, I enjoy the apps you have created, and now I develope some Chinese style game , maybe someday I can introduce China or Taiwan culture for you .

    Best Regards,
    Allen Yeh

  18. Blaze says:

    If I built a game with AndEngine and sold the finalized product for a 2 dollars, do I have to pay because I used your engine?

  19. Arthur says:

    I’ll be glad to help you with development. Please contact me if you have smth i could help with

  20. blackbox says:

    oi!, danke schön for the engine! xD
    wo wohnst du?

  21. kitty says:

    Hi, Nicolas, Thanks for this amazing engine!
    I have some trouble with live wallpaper touch function! I hope you can get me some advice.
    there is thread in AndEngine forum http://www.andengine.org/forums/development/problem-with-touchevent-t4092.html
    Best Regards, kitty

  22. Dhruv Pathak says:

    Hi Nicholas,
    I recently started exploring android game development.
    Would like to appreciate and congratulate you for this wonderful
    piece of code.
    Keep up the open source good work.

  23. Sergey Prozac says:

    You’re cool, thanx.

  24. Alkaline says:

    This is great! Thanks for putting the many hours in this baby. You must have loved this craft to obsession. I sure am inspired to a higher level of creativity with your Andengine.

    See you up there.

  25. Ahmet says:

    I want to use your engine but andengine.jar is not in the googlecode as told in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-genimutmQ this video. I found and old version of it in another example game but tutorial examples not working on it. How can I get latest version of andengine.

  26. mahaveer says:

    hey Nicholas,
    you did a great job buddy.
    i am a new on android and also on gaming development.
    i want to know weather andengine supports multiplayer gaming??
    means can i add any player who is online or connected with andengine or registered with application??
    weather andengine provides chatting facility for game player’s while playing a game?
    weather game remain in state (as it is ) if one of the player exits or due to bad network loses its connection??
    any help will be appreciative.



  27. mahaveer says:

    hey also provide some information of how to use and how to get andengine…
    i am waiting for your reply…

  28. Bely says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    Why can’t I download your code?
    The download link is empty: http://code.google.com/p/andengine/downloads/list


  29. nomi says:

    hi im a new user and i want to know if u guide me how i can be a good gaming programmer and i need some help on developing game on android too .Is andengine support 3d games too? if its then how? can u help me plz

  30. Matt says:

    Good move from hg to git. I think a lot of beginning developers could use some help on getting the library off git and into their project, a brief guide for git bash (or whatever) and then a page with instructions on how to add the library would probably make the transition to github easier for the newer folks. Great job – thanks.

  31. Anan says:

    hi nicholas….does andengine has any licence restriction??…should i make my source code open if i use andengine to create a game??

  32. Siyanat says:

    Wow awesome stuff, Can you share the story behind the andengine development. How did you start ? your inspiration behind this projects,?. Will be great to know 🙂

  33. haazzz says:

    Will andengine support continue? Its been some months now since the last blog update, to say the least, and people are starting to worry about the future of the engine. Will you continue developing andengine or will Zinga put a stop to it?

  34. Timo says:

    Super Arbeit Nicolas.
    Ich bastel nun seit gut einer Woche mit der Engine rum und habe gute Aussichten ein funktionstüchtiges Spiel zu entwickeln 🙂

  35. Simon says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    We’re loving Andengine and aiming to get our first Android game out using it in the next couple of weeks. It’s great that you have made your code available as open source, but the paper trail is a little difficult to follow, and that is making it hard for serious users (or maybe users with serious lawyers) to use it with a clear conscience. For instance, you don’t have an explicit link to the licence terms (LGPL) from andengine.org as far as I can see. There is a link from code.google.com, but this is now deprecated in favour of github, which has no licence information. And there is no reference to LGPL in the code, only your and Zynga’s copyright messages. Your various postings make it clear that your are committed to keeping Andengine open source, and I think you would see greater commercial take-up of your software if you made the link clearer.


  36. Avinash says:

    Is it compulsory to download AndEngine examples in Eclipse or just we can start our own examples by adding andengine.jar!!!! pls help thanks in advance.

  37. Avinash says:

    Hi Nicholas,
    First up all I congragulate you for such a great work..Hats Off To You Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!

    But My problem is whenever i run the any off the files it is always throwing an error saying ECGLConfig Not Found IllegalArgument Exception in the log cat and it forces to close . Please I need your help your help the only way to test my apps is AVD i dont have devices to test ..pls look into this matter and reply me!!!!!!!!!!!

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