Oct 21 2011

AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #4 to #13

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Hello Community,

I’ve been super busy (and super productive! Awesome things coming soon!) since I started here at Zynga and didn’t have too much time to keep the AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup coming every week.

Upfront I’m very very sorry for the roughly 100 other projects I could not check out yet – especially the newer ones! So, if you think your game should be up here too, PLEASE let me know!

A lot has happened since the last roundup and now we are having multiple games with over 1.000.000 Downloads and some even above 5.000.000!

You guys are fucking awesome make me very proud!!!

So here is a rough excerpt of week #4 to #13 of the AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup, this time with lots of lots of lots of new awesome and fun games:

Bunny Brawler

Available in the Android Market Bunny Brawler feels like a mixture of those classic StreetFighter style beat’em’ups paired with some Super Smash Bros hack’n’slay and is surely fun for a couple of hours.

Bunny Shooter

Available in the Android Market Angry Birds was yesterday, Bunny Shooter is the future! Over 5.000.000 Downloads! Average rating: 4.7! FREE! Download it now! Pedro Kayatt (bestcoolfungames.com) is killing it with another top tier game!

Constant C

Available in the Android Market Constant C delivers a unique game style with variable gravity and activation field physics. It is top rated with 4.8 stars!

Cow and Pig go Home

Available in the Android Market Cow and Pig go Home is one of the most underrated (Rating 5 Stars) games that just didn’t receive enough attention yet! Fun physics levels with cute graphics.

Draw and Rite

Available in the Android Market Remember that game where you can draw things to the screen that would actually get physical ingame objects? Yes? This game is what you want!


Available in the Android Market Far over 1.000.000 Downloads make this game, made by Pedro Kayatt (bestcoolfungames.com), a must have on Android. Great graphics, a widely known game concept and endless levels make it fun for hours!

Greedy Spiders

Available in the Android Market Do you like puzzles? Then you want Greedy Spiders, one of the most liked puzzle games out there. Having far over 500.000 Downloads and being feature multiple times says all about this game!

Noogra Nuts

Available in the Android Market Oren Bengigi made this casual game that was featured in the Android Market. The graphics are awesome and the highest score is a true challenge. (Only play this when you are NUTS!) Have you ever seen anything cuter than that Squirrel!?!?

Pipe Swipe

Available in the Android Market In Pipe Swipe you have to rearrange pipe pieces to make paint flow from the the proper entry to the proper exit. Sounds boring? No! An average rating of 4.75 says different!


Available in the Android Market When ‘Myth’ reminds you of something, this game is what you’ll love! (Spiced up with some minigames!). This type of game is pretty much unique on Android.

Titan Turret

Available in the Android Market Simply a classic!

Best Regards,

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  1. Sergio Viudes says:

    Hi Nicolas!

    AndEngine is awesome! And I published my second (powered by AndEngine) game (Connect 4 Baviux). Can you talk about it in any upcoming “AndEngine Weekly Games Roundup” please?

    Here is a video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNipmlgASYE

    Hope you like it!


  2. Code-Monkey says:

    Thank you for mentioning Titan Turret!

  3. G says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    are there any plans to upgrade andengine to GLES 2.0, can you share some roadmap on how do you plan develop andengine


  4. Joshua Ramirez says:

    Thanks a lot Nicolas. You are an amazing programmer. And thanks to everyone that posts on the forums! It has saved my butt so many times

  5. Joshua Ramirez says:

    I’ve listed my games on the “List of Apps and Games” page. How do you select which games to speak about?

    Here’s a list of the games I’ve developed so far

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