Jul 12 2011

I’m joining Zynga Mobile!

Category: AndEngine,ZyngaNicolas Gramlich @ 08:34

Hello Community,

I’m very excited to announce that I am joining the Zynga Mobile team!

Zynga has long been an advocate of the open source community. For example, the key contributors behind cocos2D recently joined Zynga, and I’m proud to join in this tradition.

Rest assured that I will continue to support and contribute to the AndEngine open source project and I will continue to operate the blog and the forums. AndEngine will remain 100% free and open source!

Zynga is growing at a rapid speed and is always looking for powerful minds to join their team. If you are interested in joining a smart, creative company with a passion for taking on new challenges (in SF or in one of Zynga’s other offices), click here for a list of opportunities.

Best regards,
Nicolas Gramlich

Jul 02 2011

AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #3

Category: AndEngine,AndEngine Games Weekly RoundupNicolas Gramlich @ 14:34

Hello Community,

and here comes week #3 of the AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup, this time with 4 games:


Available in the Android Market Using the control knobs the player chooses the shooting direction and strength of an arrow, in order to kill the opponent hero. To make the game more interesting, players can also move the ship to make the distance variable and also there is a wind factor in the fight to increase the game’s difficulty.

Gravity Wins

Available in the Android Market Pretty much everybody from young to old knows the game ‘4-in-a-row’ or ‘connect 4’. Gravity Wins is just like that but with a nice little twist. Every couple of turns, the gravity turns by 90 degrees, changing the current situation completely.

Le Brickk Mania

Available in the Android Market Le Brickk Mania is a clean and elegant remake of the classic game Breakout.

Polygon Plummet

Available in the Android Market Polygon plummet is a physics game where you need a good sense of timing. Over 60 levels require your best balancing, swinging and plumming skills.

Best Regards,