Jun 27 2011

New AndEngine features in June

Hello Community,

in the past weeks, the development of AndEngine has been anything but standing still! Following is a list of the significant new features that were added in the >80 changesets of not-even-ended June!

  • AndEngine
    • New TextureFormat parameter: RGBA_8888 and RGB_565 (read more)
      • RGBA_8888 the old default value, supporting Texture transparency.
      • RGB_565 preserving memory, not supporting Texture transparency (useful for background!)
    • Managed BufferObject (read more)
    • SpriteBatch to draw multiple sprites with one OpenGL call (read more)
      • Can increase performance to up to 3x!
  • AndEngineMultiplayerExtension
    • AutoDiscovery via UDP broadcast (read more)
      • ZeroConfiguration/IDontCareAboutIPs !
  • AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension
    • Enhanced ContactListener with preSolve(…) and postSolve(…) methods. (Thanks to Mario!)
      • Platform game anyone?
  • AndEngineSVGTextureRegionExtension
    • Completely new extension allowing to render SVG files to Textures (read more)

So these are all the new features I didn’t forget about 😀

Best Regards,

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  1. jinesh says:

    hello sir i want andengine sdk for the development so from where i can get it?

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