Jun 13 2011

AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #1

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Hello Community,

I’ve been super lazy writing new blog posts on here for quite some time now, but today I’ll start to give you a weekly list of some awesome and successful games that were made with AndEngine.

Chalk Ball

Available in the Android Market Chalk Ball is a quite unique physics game, where you have to draw lines of chalk onto a board to prevent a ball from falling down to the bottom of the screen. It has been featured on the Android Market and on the Amazon Appstore and sports about 150.000 downloads.

Farm Tower

Available in the Android Market Farm Tower is a cute and fun physics game for everybody from young to old. The mission is to remove all the blocks on screen, without letting the animals fall to the ground. It has been downloaded over 1.200.000 times and had nested in the Top #50 of all free Android games for quite a while.


Available in the Android Market Wheelz is a very successful side-scrolling monster-truck physics game, that has been downloaded far over 1.000.000 times up to date. Wheelz was featured several times in the Android Market.

So with the right idea, the right skill and enough time you can create very(!) successful games with AndEngine.

Best Regards,

4 Responses to “AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #1”

  1. Jason says:

    It’s not that you’ve been lazy not writing blog posts, you’ve just been using a supposedly community blog to promote your own game for 7 months! Can’t wait to switch to a real game engine instead of this single developer self promotion crap

  2. new guy says:


    just started using this to engine for prototyping and must say its pretty handy,

    nice examples of what the engine is capable of, 🙂

    keep it up 🙂

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