Jun 27 2011

New AndEngine features in June

Hello Community,

in the past weeks, the development of AndEngine has been anything but standing still! Following is a list of the significant new features that were added in the >80 changesets of not-even-ended June!

  • AndEngine
    • New TextureFormat parameter: RGBA_8888 and RGB_565 (read more)
      • RGBA_8888 the old default value, supporting Texture transparency.
      • RGB_565 preserving memory, not supporting Texture transparency (useful for background!)
    • Managed BufferObject (read more)
    • SpriteBatch to draw multiple sprites with one OpenGL call (read more)
      • Can increase performance to up to 3x!
  • AndEngineMultiplayerExtension
    • AutoDiscovery via UDP broadcast (read more)
      • ZeroConfiguration/IDontCareAboutIPs !
  • AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension
    • Enhanced ContactListener with preSolve(…) and postSolve(…) methods. (Thanks to Mario!)
      • Platform game anyone?
  • AndEngineSVGTextureRegionExtension
    • Completely new extension allowing to render SVG files to Textures (read more)

So these are all the new features I didn’t forget about 😀

Best Regards,

Jun 24 2011

AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #2

Category: AndEngine,AndEngine Games Weekly RoundupNicolas Gramlich @ 11:58

Hello Community,

this is the second AndEngine Games Weekly RoundUp and this time we do not only sport games!

Face Costume

Available in the Android Market Face Costume developed by Oren Bengigi is an amazing camera application that applies several effects over a live camera feed. Cartoon faces, devil-horns, beards are just one click away.

(Note: Currently it supports only on Honeycomb tablets, but it might come to your dual-core phone soon!)

Safari HD

Available in the Android Market Safari HD takes the Bejeweled concept to the next level, by making you stroking along an arbitrary number of adjacent animals of the same type. Spiced up with OpenFeint and rounded up with nice sounds, it puts you right into the heart of Africa.


Available in the Android Market ZDefense is an extremely challenging Tower Defense game, that sports amazing graphics, perfectly smooth performance and excellent leveldesign. It is literally fun for hours and will kill your free time, just like it killed mine. 🙁

(Note: It might remind you of HexDefense, but it was already in development, when HexDefense was not public yet.)


Best Regards,

Jun 14 2011

Render SVGs to Textures!

Category: AndEngine,AndEngineSVGTextureRegionExtensionNicolas Gramlich @ 17:39

Hello Community,

having visited Google I/O in May one thing I had put to my ToDo list was adding a feature to AndEngine that allows you to easily render SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) onto a Texture(Region). Romain Guy dropped a hint on the svg-android project on GoogleCode, which I started looking over about 2 weeks ago.

I was amazed by the simplicity of how many features of SVG can be easily mapped to the Canvas API in Android. I had started off with their original code but soon noticed that they primarily supported a kind of limited SVG format called SVG Basic 1.1 that is not supported as an export format of Inkscape, while it could not parse InkScapes SVG output 🙁 .

Besides that limitation, a couple of bugs, some missing object orientation and literally hundreds of SVG special cases, I basically came up with a complete recode, that supports the following features: (fixes and feature-wise differences from the original are colored red)


  • Groups
    • Inheritance of group-transformations and attributes/properties
  • Colors
    • Opacity
    • Formats:
      • rgb(rrr,ggg,bbb)
      • #RRGGBB
      • #RGB
  • Gradients
    • Inheritance (lazy initialization, including transform/stop-inheritance)
    • Types:
      • LinearGradients
      • RadialGradients
  • Rectangles
    • RoundedRectangles
  • Circles
  • Ellipses
  • Polygons
  • Polylines
  • Paths
    • SubPaths
    • Fillrule
      • even-odd
    • Commands:
      • M/m – Move to
      • Z/z – Close path
      • L/l – Line to
      • H/h – Horizontal ine to
      • V/v – Vertical line to
      • C/c – Cubic bezier to
      • S/s – Smooth cubic bezier to
      • Q/q – Quadratic bezier to
      • T/t – Smooth quadratic bezier to
      • A/a – Arc to

Supported formats

  • Optimized Inkscape-SVG (Recommended Format)
  • Inkscape SVG
  • Adobe Illustrator SVG

And this is what you can do with it:

Quite nice, hm? 🙂

The code to make use of this is (as always) absolutely trivial:

final int size = (isHighResDevice()) ? 128 : 64;
ITextureRegion textureRegion = SVGTextureRegionFactory.createFromAsset(this.mBuildableTexture, this, “gfx/vector.svg”, size, size);

A full example is available here: http://code.google.com/p/andengineexamples/source/browse/src/org/anddev/andengine/examples/SVGTextureRegionExample.java

The SourceCode of the project is available here: http://code.google.com/p/andenginesvgtextureregionextension/

A precompiled, ready-to-use jar is available here: http://andengineexamples.googlecode.com/hg/lib/andenginesvgtextureregionextension.jar


Best Regards,

Jun 13 2011

AndEngine Games Weekly Roundup #1

Category: AndEngine,AndEngine Games Weekly RoundupNicolas Gramlich @ 13:50

Hello Community,

I’ve been super lazy writing new blog posts on here for quite some time now, but today I’ll start to give you a weekly list of some awesome and successful games that were made with AndEngine.

Chalk Ball

Available in the Android Market Chalk Ball is a quite unique physics game, where you have to draw lines of chalk onto a board to prevent a ball from falling down to the bottom of the screen. It has been featured on the Android Market and on the Amazon Appstore and sports about 150.000 downloads.

Farm Tower

Available in the Android Market Farm Tower is a cute and fun physics game for everybody from young to old. The mission is to remove all the blocks on screen, without letting the animals fall to the ground. It has been downloaded over 1.200.000 times and had nested in the Top #50 of all free Android games for quite a while.


Available in the Android Market Wheelz is a very successful side-scrolling monster-truck physics game, that has been downloaded far over 1.000.000 times up to date. Wheelz was featured several times in the Android Market.

So with the right idea, the right skill and enough time you can create very(!) successful games with AndEngine.

Best Regards,