Nov 22 2010

Farm Tower – a cute and fun physics game!

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 16:22

Hello Community,

some days ago I started this mysterious thread in the forums that was like “New physics game – looking for testers”. Given the awesome feedback provided by about 20 members of the community, I could smooth some rough edges in my new game “Farm Tower” and also add new functionality. I have to say, thanks a lot guys, you are awesome 🙂

So 4 days ago I released Farm Tower version in the Android Market which has about 2000 downloads/day and is being rated over 4.3 in average.

Today I am releasing the “Pro Version” to the Android Market.

Following is a Gameplay-Video of Farm Tower:

And here you can find the Ecoand Full version in the market:

I also put up a website:

where screenshots etc can be downloaded – just in case you want to write a review or so 😉 .

Best Regards,

4 Responses to “Farm Tower – a cute and fun physics game!”

  1. Timothy Lee Russell says:

    Again — purchased to thank you for your work developing AndEngine…

    (although I’m sure the game will be fun as well)…


  2. Nicolas Gramlich says:

    I love it myself, sometimes I just play to see if there are other possibilities to solve the levels than the possibility I initially thought of 😀

  3. mongo says:

    Holly cow! This game is actually playable on low-end phones unlike, say Angry Birds…

    Is there anyway to enable the FPS counter to see how it really does?

  4. Timothy Lee Russell says:

    It’s fun, dude!

    Nice job.

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