Oct 31 2010

Announcing: AndEngine LevelStatsDB

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 17:25

Hello Community,

while making a new game that consists of a series of levels, you always have to think about the difficulty. You’d probably try to make the difficulty rise a bit each level, so there will be as little frustration as possible, while the levels don’t get to easy over time.

This question made me implement a new feature of AndEngine, the so called LevelStatsDB. The LevelStatsDB is a tool that consists of a single class in AndEngine, a few PHP-files, a couple of MySQL-tables and finally an Excel-2007 file (I chose Excel 2007 because of all it’s cool features, but you can get the data from the database through any other way!). So it’s really simple to setup on any webserver!

So from your code you call a single line of code, whenever your game-logic determines a level was solved or failed. And on the other end you get this neat table that shows quite some interesting data, like:

  • How long was level X played
  • How often was level X played
  • How often was level X solved
  • What is the chance a player solves a level vs. failing it
  • What was the fastest/average/slowest time level X was solved

AndEngine LevelStatsDB

AndEngine LevelStatsDB

So if you think this is cool or not, let me know so I’ll release this even sooner than planned 🙂

Best Regards,