Aug 13 2010

New Game: Gravity Collector

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 16:14

Hello Community,

while the development of AndEngine obviously didn’t stand still the last weeks and the List of AndEngine Apps and Games is getting longer every day, I took the time to make a game on my own.

Gravity Collector

“Simple yet addictive” – Collect the glowing spheres by changing the gravity and using the anti-gravity-boost. 50 Levels, more added weekly and you can even build your own!

Gravity Collector QR-Code

Price: 0,99€ ~ £0.81 ~ $1.26

The game uses the a lot of the features AndEngine provides, like:

So this game gives you an idea of what can easily be done with the Engine, while it performs very well even on low end devices. 🙂

And now… go and buy it !!! 😀

Best Regards,

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    1. Timothy Lee Russell says:

      Purchased — not so much because I normally buy games but as a small thank you for putting in so much work on the engine!

      Maybe once you make a decent amount of scratch, you’ll let us take a peek at the source.

      Anyway, keep up the great work. It’s much appreciated!

    2. Lee says:

      Purchased also,
      I’ve been working with your engine the past 2 weeks and I find it very easy to work with, nothing unexpected happens and I am able to understand things quickly.
      I should be submitting my game in about 2-3 weeks from now using your AndEngine (pretty small game).

      I’d love to see the source also for Gravity Collector also, if there is ever the chance.

    3. Robin says:

      Used the scanner for the QR code, but it doesn’t find it in the market…
      Any idea why?

      Device: HTC Desire 2.2, Switzerland


    4. Nicolas Gramlich says:

      Thanks guys and don’t forget to leave a rating + comment, that would be awesome 🙂 !!!

      @Robin: I simply hit “Publish” again and seems like that fixed it … seems like a feature of the Android Market 🙁

      Best Regards,

    5. Justin Wheeler says:

      Buying it, to support you and to play it!

    6. Justin Wheeler says:

      Well, It’s not appearing on the market again.

    7. Nicolas Gramlich says:

      Hi Justin,

      not even when you scan the barcode?
      What device do you have? (At least Android 1.6 is needed)

      Best Regards,

    8. Justin Wheeler says:

      I have a Droid on a 2.2 rom.

    9. Justin Wheeler says:

      Yes, it’s really weird. Have there been users reporting errors or something?

    10. Jake says:

      It’s a shame that you can’t choose to charge your phone bill when the app isn’t paid for in USD.

    11. Artūras Šlajus says:

      Could you also put it to slide me market? 😉 So these without access to paid aaps could buy it too?

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