Aug 13 2010

New Game: Gravity Collector

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 16:14

Hello Community,

while the development of AndEngine obviously didn’t stand still the last weeks and the List of AndEngine Apps and Games is getting longer every day, I took the time to make a game on my own.

Gravity Collector

“Simple yet addictive” – Collect the glowing spheres by changing the gravity and using the anti-gravity-boost. 50 Levels, more added weekly and you can even build your own!

Gravity Collector QR-Code

Price: 0,99€ ~ £0.81 ~ $1.26

The game uses the a lot of the features AndEngine provides, like:

So this game gives you an idea of what can easily be done with the Engine, while it performs very well even on low end devices. 🙂

And now… go and buy it !!! 😀

Best Regards,