Jul 17 2010

AndEngine – Pixel-Perfect Collision Detection

Category: AndEngine,AndEngineExamplesNicolas Gramlich @ 13:54

Hello Community,

yesterday and today I’ve been working on the Collision Detection in AndEngine. (Before it sucked big time, by ignoring rotation and scale 😕 )

Now AndEngine has Pixel-Perfection Collision Detection! 🙂 Watch this…

Pretty nice hm 🙂
(Btw: API-wise there is no difference to any previous collision detection!)



Best Regards,

8 Responses to “AndEngine – Pixel-Perfect Collision Detection”

  1. Tijs (programmer) says:

    How can I download the andEngine source for developping apps?

    not the apk or the examples. I develop in eclipse and I can not find org.anddev.andengine ;(

    I really want it, please email me the source please

  2. Harry Birrell says:


    Love the engine by the way. Having a good time working with it. One question though. I can’t get the collision to take into account for transparent pixels. I’ve looked at the forums and there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this. Please help explain how to get the collision to only register if the pixels are rendered.



    • Nicolas Gramlich says:

      Sorry my post was a little misleading, transparent pixels are not taken into account. Though, when working with the PhysicsBox2DExtension, you can create a Body that has the outline of your actual Sprite content.

  3. Sumeet says:

    I m unable to import the BitmapTextureAtlasTextureRegionFactory class though i have downloaded the andengine jar file..
    Please i want to know if i have downloaded the old version or is there a new version of andengine jar

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