Jul 11 2010

AndEngine – On-Screen Controls

Category: AndEngine,AndEngineExamplesNicolas Gramlich @ 10:58

Hello Community,

today I couldn’t resist implementing On-Screen Controls, both digital and analog ones.


Hope this helps some of you 🙂

Best Regards,

9 Responses to “AndEngine – On-Screen Controls”

  1. badlogic says:

    Nice! Now make it multi-touch 🙂

  2. Huber says:

    Good base for novel game concepts on mobile devices…

  3. Ironferret says:

    Could you possibly add in an actual dpad instead of the current on-screen controls? Would be greatly appreciated.

  4. NomanNomi says:

    can u plz tel me how can i get the x and y value of face and i also want to restrict the area of face movement.

    Thanx in advance

  5. muddasir says:

    I am using getX and getY question here iz that when i apply it in analog listner it goes on moving.. and doesn’t stop where should i put this condition in help…!!

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