Jun 10 2010

AndEngine Source Code released!

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 10:29

Hello Community,

yesterday I’ve finally been pushing the Source Code of AndEngine to Google Code. Check it out here:

So if you want to get a first view on how to make games with AndEngine, you should take a look at this repository:

Additionally I pushed out (most of) the extensions that I’m developing:

You might wonder why did I choose Mercurial (hg) over git and svn ?

  1. svn might be well known, but it can easily be broken.
  2. git is not supported by Google Code, also the Windows support is worse than for hg.
  3. hg is a well working Distributed Version Control System, with good Windows support and it works with Google Code.

All you need to pull using hg is the HGEclipse / MercurialEclipse -Plugin for Eclipse.

Best Regards,

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