Jun 12 2010

AndEngine – Scaling across various devices…

Category: AndEngineNicolas Gramlich @ 18:39

Hello Community,

just made a video of the first game I made with AndEngine, called BoxFaceStacker.


You can see the engine running well on three very different devices:

  • HTC Tattoo (320×240 pixels)
  • HTC Dream/G1 (480×320 pixels)
  • Nexus One (800×480 pixels)

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4 Responses to “AndEngine – Scaling across various devices…”

  1. badlogic says:


    very nice show case. I’m especially impressed by scaling mechanism your engine supports. A quick note on the box2d wrapper: feel free to grab anything from libgdx, it has a 99% complete box2d JNI bridge which should be easily extractable from the source. See http://code.google.com/p/libgdx/.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. badlogic says:

    Font.getLetterBitmap also seems vaguley familiar, especially the 5 pixel offset :p

  3. Nicolas Gramlich says:

    Hi “badlogic”,

    thanks I’m aware of the libgdx project (has quite some problems running the “GDX-Test” app on my devices though), the box2d wrapper seems nice and when I have time I’ll either make a new extension from it or rework the current Box2D physics extension.

    I reworked your Font/Text-class a little and in that process my Eclipse-class-templates swallowed all the stuff previous to the class declaration… sorry.

    Best Regards,

  4. wangqi says:

    Hi, thanks very much for your great work. I think it will really help me to do android game development. And it will be highly appreciated if you can opensource this game, since the examples are too simple and source code lacking comments. So I need a reference implementation to get familiar with the engine codes. Thanks in advance!

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